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About the project

Wellcome to Sweden National Action Network

n December 2004 the Swedish National Action Network (NAN) was reorganised. An association with member organisations including rheumatologists, orthopeadics, nurses, physiotherapists and patient organisations has been formed. Various health professionals working with musculoskeletal disorders and trauma as well as patient organizations are involved in the National Action Network in Sweden, headed by Mrs Inga-Britt Lindström, earlier president of The Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists. The steering committee of the NAN meet several times a year.

The Swedish government endorsed the Bone and Joint Decade in September 1999 in a written statement by Minister of Health and Social Welfare Lars Engqvist. The Swedish Inheritance Fund has granted means for an action project in the fields of information, education and research during the period May 2006 to June 30th 2009.

The aims of the network and project is:
Increase the awereness of costs for bone and joint diseases and injuries on the
public economy
Increase the knowledge on musculoskeletal disorders in educational programs
Stimulate research
Work for more prevention and better treatment
Reinforce the patient´s rights
Key message:

Prevention, early diagnosis and better knowledge in the health care sector with an active patient involved in the treatment will improve public health and public finances.

Focus on:

röd Rheumatic diseases
röd Backpain/injuries
röd Osteoporosis
röd Chronical /long-term pain

Some successful examples
An evaluation of the educational programs for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses regarding presence of knowledge on musculoskeletal disorders has been carried out.
Conferences on the topic of pain and pain management. The message is that better knowledge with the patient relieves chronical pain.
Members from the patient’s organizations have been educated to meet in discussions with primary health care personnel on how to improve the quality in interaction with the patient.
Newspaper articles on interesting news and opinions about bone and joint diseasesand injuries.
Politicians and other decision-makers have been informed about the positive effects of modern treatment and rehabilitation on the public economy, and equally positive consequences for the individuals.

Stand tall throughout life!
That´s the message on a card with information to patients on
how important it is to check your body length in order to prevent fractures. The card is being distributed to important stakeholders.

The “Straighten Up Sweden” campaign
has reached nearly 100 primary schools and 20 local branches of patient`s organizations with information on spinal health. These visits are carried out by members from the Swedish Chiropractic. The information leaflet has been sent to all primary schools in Sweden.

Organisation members
Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists
Swedish Orthopaedic Association
Swedish Osteoporosis Society
Swedish Physiotherapy Association
Swedish Reumaforum(SveReFo)
Swedish Rheumatism Association
Swedish Society for Rheumatology
The Swedish Association for Survivors of Accident and Injury
The Swedish Chiropractic Association


bone and joint
fys Fysioterapeuterna
LKR The Swedish Chiropractic Association
Reumat Swedish Society for Rheumatology
FSA Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists
SRF Swedish Rheumatism Association
Swe Swedish Reuma Forum
SSF Swedish Society
of Nursing


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